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Known for his lightning speed and superb footwork, thanks to years of martial-arts training, many of Zou Shiming’s opponents complain that they cannot keep up with him, much less see his withering punches coming. He has stated that his heroes are Muhammad Ali and Jackie Chan.

A two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time World Amateur Champion, Shiming arrived at The Venetian Las Vegas on Tuesday, Feb. 5, to begin training for his professional boxing debut.  He was greeted by his promoters, Bob Arum and Todd duBoef of Top Rank; his new trainers, Freddie Roach and Miguel Diaz; and John Caparella, president and COO of The Venetian and The Palazzo.

Shiming began training the following day in a custom gym located inside the resort complex. He will train at The Venetian and The Palazzo through Feb. 15, and then move to the Top Rank Gym, also located in Las Vegas, through March 23. He will then return to China for his last two weeks of training camp.

Shiming is scheduled to make his professional boxing debut on April 6 at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

One of the most popular Olympic athletes in the People’s Republic of China, Shiming is the world’s greatest amateur light flyweight, capturing gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In the 2005, 2007, and 2011 World Amateur Championships, Shiming also brought home gold medals, making him his nation’s first boxing gold medalist in the World Amateur Championships and Olympics. He also became his nation’s first Olympic medalist in boxing when he earned bronze in 2004.

CBS News: “Macau–The New Las Vegas?”

January 15th, 2013 | J.C.

Interesting CBS News report on Macao, featuring an interview with our own Edward Tracy.

Two Team Members Earn Stars Of The Industry Awards

December 28th, 2012 | Jeff Birchmeier

As we approach the New Year, I’d like to highlight some outstanding team members. The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (the state’s largest industry advocate) hosted the Stars of the Industry awards. This event recognizes and honors top employees and leaders in our state with nominations submitted by their peers and supervisors.

The Venetian|The Palazzo proudly nominated nine Team Members, whom throughout their careers have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their profession and the people around them.
Congratulations to our winners and nominees:

Administrative Employee of the Year: Judy Sanchez
Casino Employee of the Year: David Wilhite (Winner)
Guest Service Employee of the Year: Christian Osenbaugh
Hotelier of the Year: John Caparella
Housekeeping Employee of the Year: Versella Johnson
Maintenance Employee of the Year: Kacey Karas
Manager of the Year: Arlene Gregory
Rising Star Supervisor of the Year: Oystein Larsen (Winner)
Sustainability Award: Rishi Tirupari on behalf of our Sustainability Department

Left-Right: Judy Sanchez (Special Events); David Wilhite (Table Games); Kacey Karas (Facilities); Eric Bello (Chairman of NHLA); Oystein Larsen (TDR); Rishi Tirupari (Sustainability); Arleen Gregory (Finance) and Chris Osenbaugh (Guest Services). Not photographed: Versella Johnson (PAD) and Manuel Santana (Stwearding).

Santa Run Success—Two Years In a Row

December 24th, 2012 | Darcy Martinez

We did it again! With more than 700 Team Members, their friends and family, we helped Opportunity Village create a Guinness Book of World Record of the most Santas in one location at 9,669 Santas—keeping the trophy yet again this year.

700 team members from The Venetian|Palazzo came out to help Opportunity Village, a not-for-profit organization that serves people in the Southern Nevada community with intellectual disabilities.

The Santa Run, on December 1, was one of the highlights of our month-long schedule of community engagement.

The Growing Process Of The Palazzo Rose

December 21st, 2012 | J.C.

The Palazzo Rose

De Ruiter Roses has two different cultivation methods: cold and warm cultivation. Cold cultivation is seasonally based and means that the greenhouse is not heated. Warm cultivation  is used for year-round cultivation. De Ruiter Roses has both because, as a breeder, it wants to be able to display all its varieties in its show greenhouses. Moreover, De Ruiter keeps roses in production in small numbers, which are no longer in production elsewhere.

De Ruiter Roses–where the flowers are cultivated.

The growing process begins with the placing of the cutting of The Palazzo Rose in a pot filled with coconut coir for cold cultivation, or in stone wool for the heated greenhouse. The cuttings are given water and fertilisers using a kind of drip feed around 5 times a day in winter and around 20 times a day in summer. This process is managed by continuously measuring the concentration of nutrients and the water level.

So you see The Palazzo Rose is well taken care of.

From the moment that the cuttings are placed in the stone wool or coconut coir, it takes 8 to 10 weeks before the first flowers can be cut. In the meantime, the roses are “side pruned.” Side pruning means that the side branches are removed. The reason for doing this is that these branches take energy away from the main branch. Side pruning therefore allows the bloom to grow bigger. This is a natural reaction on the part of the rose which ultimately only has one bloom left to ensure its progeny, and therefore makes it extra large and beautiful to get it noticed by insects.

The Palazzo Roses are cut at the required ripeness and usually placed in water in the cool room for 24 hours. In this time, the rose soaks up water, nutrients and anti-bacterial agents. This is designed to give the rose sufficient  reserves for transportation in boxes, which is the case with air transportation.

The final step is to select the flowers by machine according to length, bud size and ripeness. This enables the quality to be monitored–from the first stage to the last.

The Name Of The Rose

December 19th, 2012 | J.C.

The Palazzo Rose.

At Reineri’s request, De Ruiter Roses, breeder of the Palazzo Rose, selected one of its most beautiful flowers for The Palazzo. Our rose went through a 5-year selection process. A process that comprised a study of color, bud size, bloom form, leaf quality, stem length, shelf life and disease sensitivity.

There are four broad types of roses that are grown as cut flowers. They are the large, medium and small bloom roses and spray roses. The difference lies purely in the size of the flower. The Palazzo Rose belongs to the large-bloom variety. Possibly the best known spray rose is the Esperance, which is much loved due to its “light pink” color that slowly changes towards green.

After a 5-year selection process, the team can finally say “cheers” to the newest member of the rose family–The Palazzo Rose. From left to right: John Caparella, president of The Venetian|Palazzo and Sands Expo; Dana Beatty, director of horticulture for The Venetian|Palazzo; Peter de Mos, general manager of Reineri; and Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

In addition to the spray roses, there is another type of rose–the floribunda roses. These are ordinary large bloom roses which have not been side-pruned. The difference with spray roses is that the floribunda roses have only one bloom per branch, whereas the spray roses have multiple roses clustered in a spray. These roses combine a large bloom with several branches on a stem. The spray roses have several flowers per branch.

When cutting roses, remember: the ripeness of the flower is an important consideration, because roses will not open properly if they are cut too early. This is particularly true for roses with heavier blooms. Heavy blooms need a lot of energy to open completely, which can only be supplied by the plant.

There are even roses such as the Illusion which should only be cut when fully open. The flower will then last for another two weeks in good condition.

It may be counterintuitive to cut roses at their optimum ripeness, but do remember it when you buy roses. You deserve to enjoy the flowers as long as possible.

Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” stops to smell the…

Amid a display of 6,500 roses, Chris Harrison unveiled The Palazzo Rose, named after our Las Vegas resort. The rose “christening” ceremony, held last week in the resort’s picturesque Waterfall Atrium & Gardens, was also attended by representatives of the flower’s breeders and growers. Developed in the Netherlands, the new breed features deep crimson red petals and robust foliage—a gorgeous flower.

For one year the rose will be offered exclusively at the resort, including at our famed Las Vegas wedding program. Next year it will be readily available at florists and retail centers.

“We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to honor The Palazzo Las Vegas brand,” said Dana Beatty, director of horticulture for The Venetian|Palazzo. “In our research, people often use adjectives to describe the resort like elegant and romantic, which is how we also describe this variety of rose.”

The high petal count allows the rose to open “large.” And its substantial green foliage adds to its beauty in arrangements. Best of all, it has a long shelf life, a quality prized by florists and consumers.

The newest member of the rose family: The Palazzo Rose.

“Since we opened The Palazzo five years ago, millions of people have professed their love for this brand,” said John Caparella, president and chief operating officer of The Palazzo, The Venetian and Sands Expo. “And when you talk love, what is more appropriate than a red rose?”

“In the end, this new rose absolutely mirrors what we are about,” he continued. “We are passionate about the quality—and the romance—of our Italian-inspired resorts, and we are thrilled to be the namesake of the world’s newest variety of red rose.”

The roses were bred and grown in the Netherlands, which is the world’s largest exporter of roses. They are distributed by Reineri, a prestigious Dutch floral supplier.

“It takes about five years to develop a new variety of red rose,” said Peter de Mos, general manager of Reineri. “This christening ceremony is literally the culmination of hundreds and hundreds of hours of work and dedication to create the newest and greatest variety of red rose.”

Using the hotel as a namesake for the new variety was a natural, he said.  “It’s Italian, it’s beautiful—just like the flower. And the deep red color is reminiscent of the bricks that create the very foundation of a palace, a Palazzo, such as this.”

John Caparella dousing The Palazzo Roses in champagne.

During the ceremony, Harrison led the audience in a toast, and joined Caparella in dousing an arrangement in champagne, a tradition of the floral community to mark the “christening” of a new variety.

“This is my kind of rose ceremony,” Harrison joked to the crowd, when the champagne arrived.

Harrison also announced that the first official arrangement to feature The Palazzo Rose was sent on Friday night to country music sensation Faith Hill on the opening night of her new limited engagement at The Venetian–Soul2Soul–also featuring her husband, Tim McGraw.

Harrison, the host of The Bachelor, is currently promoting the newest season of  the show, which begins airing on ABC-TV on January 7.

The Palazzo Rose.



The holidays have arrived at The Venetian Las Vegas and The Palazzo Las Vegas. Winter in Venice is our festive celebration and vacation package that puts you at the heart of the holiday season. You can take a spin around the skating rink. Savor delicious holiday treats and specialty drinks. Enjoy the songs of carolers. And, of course, take in the dazzling festive décor, all crowned by a nightly Winter in Venice parade and holiday 3D light projections show. For more information, click here and also watch this video:

To celebrate the season of giving, The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas will join with the Armed Forces Foundation and Omaha Steaks to give back to our nation’s wounded veterans with an all-expense paid holiday vacation to Winter in Venice, the second-annual celebration of the winter holiday season on the Las Vegas Strip. From Dec. 5 to 8, the troops will be treated to an array of world-class holiday festivities, entertainment, dining and relaxation.

“Salute Our Troops not only provides an opportunity to thank our nation’s heroes, but is an outlet to help them deal with the hardships of recovery and the stress it places on their families in a positive way,” said Patricia Driscoll, president and executive director of the Armed Forces Foundation. “Now more than ever it is critical to give back to our wounded warriors and their families and provide them with the support they need. We can’t thank Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson and The Venetian staff enough for opening up their hearts to our wounded service members and their families and creating such a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson, the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, will loan their aircraft to fly the wounded warriors from Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir Military Medical Centers in Washington D.C. to Las Vegas, where they will be met with a police motorcade to escort them to The Palazzo.  A cheering crowd of guests and Venetian|Palazzo team members will greet the troops at a welcoming reception in the resort’s atrium gardens.

A live-stream of the troops’ arrival and ceremony will be available at The Venetian Facebook, and The Palazzo Facebook pages. In addition, New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin will cover the entire event at her blog, while renowned journalist Alana Goodman will provide in-depth interviews with the troops at Commentary Magazine.

During their holiday vacation, the wounded warriors will enjoy not only  the events of Winter in Venice, but also lavish accommodations, tours of the Las Vegas Strip, and tickets to opening night of the intimate Soul2Soul show starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, as well as tickets to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas at The Palazzo Theater. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate sports fan experience at Lagasse’s Stadium, poker tournaments, gondola rides, services at Canyon Ranch SpaClub, and a gourmet cookout hosted by Omaha Steaks at Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas.

“The holiday season gives us a chance to express our gratitude to the men and women in the Armed Forces for their many sacrifices,” said Andy Abboud, senior vice president of government relations, Las Vegas Sands Corp. “Our chairman Sheldon Adelson and our entire company want nothing more this holiday than to honor and celebrate our nation’s troops and their families. This vacation is our way of saying thank you and happy holidays.”

Omaha Steaks President Bruce Simon said: “As a fifth-generation, family-owned company with a nearly 100 year history, we consider it a privilege to honor these brave soldiers and their families, who have generously sacrificed and bravely served to protect our great nation and the freedoms we all enjoy. We are grateful this holiday season for the opportunity to join with The Palazzo Las Vegas to offer our thanks and gratitude to our military troops and to support the outstanding efforts of the Armed Forces Foundation.”

The Dec. 5 welcome reception will be held at 2 p.m. at The Palazzo Waterfall & Atrium Gardens and is open to the public. The troops will depart Las Vegas at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8. Special thanks to Bell Trans, Cashman Photography, Clark County Fire Department, Las Vegas Metro and Ryan’s Express who generously donated their services for this special celebration.