In celebration of Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, we are kicking off the “Year of the Snake” with beautiful décor and exciting events! Kudos to Claudia Valteirrez, Ernie Cabrera, Kent Bagnell and their teams for all the hard work and dedication that went into the installation of Sophie Chow, an animatronic work of art! Take a look:

Sophie Chow

With a length of 98 feet and features that include blinking eyes, a tongue that goes in and out and a moving head, this immense arrangement looms virtually 38 feet above The Waterfall & Atrium Gardens of The Palazzo.

A giant peach tree holding blossom vines embellished with roughly 193,600 flowers, custom made dancing lanterns, oranges and traditional I Ching coins, derived from a collaboration of artists and artisans from all over the world, gave inspiration for Sophie’s strategic design.

Come see our Chinese New Year’s decorations.

“Chinese New Year is such a special event to our guests, that constructing and designing something that’s not only authentic, but in grand Las Vegas fashion was important,” said Dana Beatty, director of floral and horticulture.

Peach and cherry blossoms were also placed in the Atrium Gardens to offer our own spring season, since there will be no spring in the 2013 lunar year. Special planning a year in advance went into choosing the flower selections to ensure that only the best ones were used. “This year we went completely out of the box and ran with the Feng shui philosophy to bring our own spring season to life. We brought in pink and green cymbidium orchids and lavender mums to name just a few.”

For the past two years, professional Feng Shui master Peter Lung has offered inspiration for both The Venetian and The Palazzo designs. Here are some fun facts related to Feng Shui and the “Year of the Snake.”

  • The snake is blue, as the “Year of the Snake” represents water.
  • Sophie Chow’s face intentionally looks juvenile to represent birth of a new year.
  • It is recommended that guests walk clockwise around the tree and snake display three times to bring blessings of Heaven, Earth, and Mankind upon them.