When the call was made to “green” the convention industry’s leading annual conference—the 2012 International Convention Center Conference (ICCC)—Lisa Witherell and Ryan Green from the Sands Expo took on the challenge. They created a user-friendly “Green Guide” to help guests take advantage of sustainability options available at this annual conference.

Having the experience in greening one of the largest Convention Centers in the U.S., Ryan and Lisa came up with some creative solutions. “ICCC is not a usual exposition we host,” Ryan said, “so we had to think outside the box.”

Lisa and Ryan did indeed. The “Green Guide” became the first successful sustainability initiative launched at the event.

Jan Addison, chair of the International Association of Venue Manager’s Convention Center/Exhibit Hall Committee and deputy general manager of the Orange County Convention Center, said: “A newly created Green Attendee Guide was launched for the first time during the 2012 International Convention Center Conference. The guide, created by Ryan Green and Lisa Witherell, helped all of our attendees ‘plan green, travel green, meet green and stay green,’ before, during, and after the event.”

“Ryan and Lisa are truly committed to protecting our environment and, on behalf of our committee, I want to thank them for creating this valuable Guide,” Jan Addison further said. “Ryan and Lisa are helping us ‘walk the talk’ regarding sustainability initiatives, and I hope they will continue to work with us and develop a new version of the Guide for our 2013 International Convention Center Conference which will be in Charlotte, North Carolina next year.”

Lisa and Ryan developed a similar attendee guide for the Sands ECO 360° Meetings program, which is a holistic approach to providing environmentally preferable choices to meeting planners and clients of The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo in Las Vegas. The green attendee guide will educate guests on how they can travel green and stay green while on our property.

For more information about the Sands ECO 360° Meetings program, watch the video below.