The most-watched comparison of mainstream company sustainability performance.

If Fortune‘s list of top 500 companies is the gold standard of business prosperity, then Newsweek’s Green Rankings is the equivalent benchmark for assessing a company’s commitment to sustainability. 

The rankings are, according to GreenBiz, “probably the most-watched comparison of mainstream company sustainability performance, both in the U.S., Newsweek’s home turf, and around the world.” 

This year saw Las Vegas Sands shoot up the environmental ranks. In the words of GreenBiz, “Las Vegas Sands Corp. hit the jackpot, rising 238 slots to #128 on the U.S. list.”

This is remarkable. Yearly environmental progress for most big companies is very slow. As GreenBiz points out, “the environmental impact scores, both in the U.S. and globally, changed only about 1 percent — that is, hardly at all.”

The fact that we jumped ahead so many slots in one year is a testament to the commitment of our senior executives, the hard work of all our team members, and, of course, the vision of our extraordinary Sands ECO360º team who develop, implement, and oversee our many sustainability projects. Well done, guys. Really well done.