Throughout 2012, we’re rolling out numerous projects under our Go Green Campaign to mobilize our Team Members (employees) to use resources such as water and electricity more efficiently, while reducing consumption.

Monthly Go Green Themes–such as Save Water, Save Energy, Recycle and Reuse, Save the Earth, Green Dining, Go Green for the Holidays–will help to educate and build a green culture among our Team Members.

As part of our effort to raise awareness, we’ll have on-going engagement activities–such as the inter-departmental challenge as described in the story here. In addition, Go Green stickers (printed on sustainable materials and inks) are put up throughout our Heart-of-House areas to remind us to do our part to Go Green.

I’m excited to be part of the broad Team Member engagement program that aims to educate and show us how to be more environmentally friendly both at work and at home.