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That quote is from the article that accompanies the video in the previous post. I like Leven’s advice to young hoteliers who want to move forward in the industry:

“Don’t just take a job that’s going to be paying you more money to do the same thing. Do something different every couple of years to get more broadly experienced in a variety of situations. When you do that, stay long enough so that you become a reasonable expert in it. Then move on to something else, even if you take a step back financially…. If you really want to build your career, do something different, even for the same money. Just build your resume, which is essentially your ticket.… That’s what I tell the kids in schools when I talk to them. That’s what I tell my sons. And the more experience you get, there is no substitute for that.”

Read the rest of the article.

Growing Tourism In Macao

March 27th, 2012 | J.C.

Macau Daily Times: Macau is expected to attract 10-15 percent more visitors this year as new hotels and casinos are launched in the coming months, with the total number of visitors estimated to reach 32 million. According to the latest estimation by the Union Gaming Research Macau, the total number of travelers arriving in Macau in the whole year of 2012 is expected to climb 4 million more than 2011. Analysts Grant Govertsen and Felicity Chiang wrote in an industry note that they expected the total number of tourists to go up 10 percent to 15 percent in 2012….

Total visitors to Macau reached 28 million last year, up 12 percent. In the first two months of this year, Macau recorded 4.6 million visitors, up 8.3 percent year-on-year. Travel industry players say more visitors are expected as more resorts and casinos open, including the Sands Cotai Central set to begin operations from April 11, and expected to attract more Mainland tourists during the Golden Week holiday from May 1.

In case you missed it, the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore awarded Marina Bay Sands with the Green Mark Gold Award. Our resort is now the largest single Green Mark Building in Singapore to be certified. Asia One reports:

Under the Award, buildings are rated for their energy and water efficiency, environmental protection, indoor environmental quality and green innovation….

MBS uses sunshading across most of its glass façade and roofs to reduce heat gain into the interior. Natural daylight that passes through the glass illuminates indoor areas, reducing the need for lights. Recycled materials and environmentally-friendly construction practices were also used during the construction phase. Plants were also added to hotel balconies and resort roofs to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Other measures include saving water, harvesting rainwater, replenishing towels only when guests choose to and automated lighting, heating and water supply controls throughout the entire building.

Electronic sales tools are used during meetings and meals are served with dishware and glassware to minimise disposable cutlery.

Staff are also encouraged and educated to be more environmentally friendly at work and at home.

Lights Out For Earth Hour

March 21st, 2012 | Darcy Martinez

On Saturday March 31 at 8:30 pm, our resorts in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macao are joining the world by turning off all non-essential exterior lights for one hour—Earth Hour. It’s part of the largest public message ever for environmental change. 

I spoke about our environmental efforts with Rishi Tirupari, who is a project manager on our Sustainability team. Read the rest of this entry »

How Do You Get To Work?

March 19th, 2012 | Bhavna Moolani

At the heart of public transportation in Singapore is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network of train lines and stations. One of the new additions to the rail network is the Bayfront MRT Station in the Marina Bay area which is a highly convenient mode of transport for Team Members at Marina Bay Sands, particularly for Team Member Madam Jacqueline Pang.

Madam Pang who works at the Wardrobe Department at Marina Bay Sands travels around on a motorized mobility scooter. Prior to the opening of Bayfront MRT station on 14 January 2012, getting to work by public transport was a daily struggle for her. In addition to the train ride from home, Madam Pang had to take a 20-minute ride braving the elements across the 280-metre Helix Bridge after alighting from the nearest train station.

With the opening of Bayfront MRT station, Madam Pang’s daily journey to work is now only 15 minutes. What’s more, the train station exit leads her directly to Marina Bay Sands Team Member entrance and getting caught in the rain on the way to work is now all in the past.

Meet Our Annual Bravo! Winners

March 15th, 2012 | Darcy Martinez

At The Venetian and The Palazzo, we strive to recognize team members (our employees) who have demonstrated unmatched service to our guests. Team members–up to Manager status–are eligible for what we call the Quarterly BRAVO! Award. To win the award, team members nominate other team members by providing specific examples of outstanding performance, contributions, and any information about special projects, accomplishments, success stories or unmatched guest service practices. The Bravo Selection Committee then votes for the Quarterly BRAVO! winners.

All Quarterly BRAVO! winners are then eligible for the Annual BRAVO! Award. Each year there are four such Annual winners, selected by the Executive Committee who votes via secret ballot. The winners receive an all-expenses-paid trip with a guest for seven days to Venice, Italy or any destination of their choice. In addition to paid airfare, hotel accommodations and ground transportation, the winners receive $2,500 spending money; five extra vacation days; special parking privileges; and an award to display in the office or home. It’s a vacation of a lifetime. Read the rest of this entry »

In 1956, Las Vegas showgoers never heard of Elvis Presley. That April, his show flopped at the New Frontier.  According to historians Barbra and Myrick Land, “fans of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Liberace were not impressed. Local critics yawned. Variety said ‘Elvis Presley….doesn’t hit the mark here.’ Newsweek compared Presley’s Las Vegas debut to ‘a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party.’”

Presley’s manager—“Colonel” Tom Parker—suggested that he watch other Vegas shows, to learn what other headliners in town were doing right. The suggestion would prove career-changing for the young Elvis Presley, for his next big success would be discovered at the Sands. As Barbra and Myrick Land describe it:

A lounge act at the Sands, Freddie Bell and the Bellboys, was such a hit with Elvis that he kept going back to see it again and again. What he liked best was Bell’s showstopper song that began, “You ain’t nuthin’ but a hound dog!”

Elvis loved it and learned it. In Last Train to Memphis, Peter Guralnick’s almost day-by-day biography of Elvis Presley, the author says the song had already been a huge success in 1953 for a black singer, Big Mama Thornton.

“Hound Dog,” Guralnick wrote, “had been written by two white teenagers, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who specialized in rhythm and blues, and was a very odd choice for a male performer, since it was written from a female point of view.” Nevertheless, the song became Elvis’s next big hit.

In June he sang “Hound Dog” on Milton Berle’s television show. Elvis was a sensation, but his controversial gyrating performance stirred so much talk that the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, banned rock-‘n’-roll from the city limits. Elvis’s name became a household word to spark family arguments. His face, licensed by the Colonel, appeared on charm bracelets and decorated lipsticks in “Hound Dog Orange.”

Our Latest Integrated Resort

March 12th, 2012 | J.C.

A friend was visiting LEGOLAND and, to our surprise, came across The Venetian. We’re told hotel occupancy was at 100%.


Every night until 1 April, watch the facade of the ArtScience Museum come alive with a story about environmental sustainability and the beauty of our natural world. The Garden of Light projection on the museum is one of the installations for iLight Marina Bay 2012, Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival . Some footage of the impressive show here:

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