When you walk into The Venetian or Palazzo, your nose quickly meets a distinct aroma–a fragrant blend of white jasmine flowers, roses, Italian mandarin oil, sandalwood, with notes of musk and amber.

It quietly pervades the air, surrounding you like…like…okay, I’m no poet.

Its official name is “Arancia.” Meaning “orange” in Italian. And the fragrance was created, as mentioned in the post below, by Aromasys, the company behind the smells of other leading brands in our industry: Bellagio, Wynn, MGM-Mirage Resorts, Marriott, InterContinental and Hilton.

Ever wonder how companies go about selecting their particular fragrance?

As I recently found out, not all hotels pick their smells in the same way. For example, Mark Peltier of Aromasys recalls:

I remember how we chose that aroma [for the Mirage]. Steve Wynn wanted something  to match the tropical  theme of the hotel. We first came up with some very exotic, sophisticated tropical blends that Wynn didn’t like much. And then after a number of months, Eileen [Peltier's business partner] said: ‘Steve Wynn wants the smell of suntan lotion.’ And she was right! We presented him with some aroma blends containing coconut butter and he liked them all. They’ve been using a coconut butter blend in the casino and lobby for nearly 20 years. [1]

In our case, no one person chose the smell at The Venetian and Palazzo. Several preference tests with guests were conducted, and then methodically tabulated, graphed, and analyzed by our marketing department.

In the first round, seven fragrances were tested. Individual scents were pumped into seven Venezia tower suites, where 160 guests were asked to rate them on personal appeal and fit for the property.

Survey findings concluded that Arancia received the highest ratings for appeal, favorite fragrance, and appropriateness for the property. The survey included questioning that allowed respondents to explain their preferences. Interestingly, several adjectives were used repeatedly to describe the scent: “welcoming”, “fresh,” “clean”, “floral”, “not overpowering”, “homey”, “soothing.”

A second round of testing was then conducted. The top four individual scents—Arancia, Seduction, Jasmine Muse, and Exotic Amber—were, at different times, pumped through the ventilation system into The Palazzo’s lobby. 200 guests were asked to rank and make open-ended comments on the appeal and appropriateness of the different smells.

And, once again, Arancia was the winner, with Seduction in close second.

A third round of tests was applied to the two finalists. This time they were pumped into The Venetian’s lobby and casino. Of the 500 guests who participated, both males and females overwhelmingly agreed that Arancia was appealing/very appealing and fit very well/fit with the property.

From the three surveys, it was decided that Arancia was the correct fragrance choice for The Venetian and Palazzo. Ever since, the aroma has been strategically dispersed through our ventilation system. The building’s natural drafts then carry it throughout the property, meeting you as you enter our doors.

If you like the fragrance, you can buy it at Apothecary for about $20. Or you can call 702-414-1622. Ask for the “Essence di Palazzo” spray. And then your house too can smell “welcoming”, “fresh,” “clean”, “floral”, “not overpowering”, “homey”, “soothing.” If it doesn’t already, of course.

[1] Peltier’s quote is found in Chapter 4 of See What I’m Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Fives Senses by Lawrence Rosenblum.